Outdoor Fun

Outdoor Fun

Tough terrain is just part of the fun when you take on the outdoors with an Argo.

Argo puts a new spin on outdoor adventure. As an amphibious, multi-passenger off-road vehicle, it can move out the whole family to unspoiled spaces and exotic views where no one else can follow. Mountain ridges, snowy crests, marshes and streams are no obstacle to the next exciting discovery or beautiful vista.

Young and old alike can share in the good times as Argo transports one and all in safety. Follow your wilderness passions - enjoy life to the extreme with the extreme terrain vehicles from Argo!

Trail riding

There’s room for everyone on board when you add extra seating for up to 6 passengers on your Argo. Family’s can enjoy the “wild” life safely as Argo minimizes the risk of roll-overs on uneven and broken terrain. When getting there is half the fun, count on Argo’s 8x8 traction and high ground clearance to skim over obstacles and get everyone home safely too.


Multi-passenger Argo's are the perfect vehicle for wilderness exploration, scenic tours, photo safaris and everything in-between. Fishing guides, hunting outfitters, lodges and eco-tour operators can now offer their customers an outdoor experience that’s as safe as it is exciting and rewarding.  Transport parties of up to six people into the wilds in one trip and still have room for all their gear and prized catches in the tow behind trailer!

Scenic Trips

Out for a day or a weekend camping trip to take in the sights and sounds of the great outdoors, travel in style with Argo’s ample cargo space to transport your whole party and their gear for long days of recreation with all the comforts of home. Argo’s fully sealed body keeps water out so you get to camp in comfort and keep dry all day long.

What could be more convenient for trip planning than a crosscountry vehicle that turns into a boat the moment it hits the water? Argo’s 8 webbed tires actually work as linear propellers in deep water, or simply attach an outboard for the extra propulsion to explore more shoreline than ever before.

Trusted to deliver your dreams - the all-season amphibious ARGO

Sharing a common experience with friends and family is what recreational properties are all about; so are long weekends spent in good company.

Why should the same not apply to your off-road vehicle? The ARGO  puts a new spin on family fun - at your favourite getaway or at home: It`s an amphibious, multi-passenger off-road vehicle that can carry a family of four - and their pets - with room to spare. Imagine the possibilities: Family picnics in beautiful remote locations, fun rides with the kids around the cottage, fishing excursions that are picture-perfect every time, winter adventures with the whole family…

The ARGO is the perfect vehicle for family fun: It combines comfort and ruggedness with innovative and unique features.